Weird no crank no start


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Mar 10, 2011
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Central Florida
A few days ago I picked my LS up from the mechanic. The car was very low on fuel and I was forced to drive it 2-3 miles with the “0 miles left till empty” message on the screen. No hesitation or stalling. I filled up the tank successfully.

When I got back in to leave the gas station, the car would not crank. No noise whatsoever. The lights were bright, radio on, windows rolled up and down, but no crank. I waited for my wife to bring me my battery jumper, thinking it may still be battery related. This still didn’t start the car and the voltage was reading 14.5-15.

My mechanic thought maybe the alternator and asked me to have it towed back. After an hour later, the car was picked up and dropped back off at the shop where it started for them immediately. They messed with it over the next couple days and could never determine why I had a no crank no start at the gas station. The car started up every time for them. Reluctantly, I picked the car back up yesterday, knowing nothing had been diagnosed/fixed.

I want to somehow link this to being driven on empty for a couple miles, but simply see no connection as there was no noise whatsoever when turning the key.

Any suggestions? Thank you.
No connection. Next time it no crank, look at the PATS light. If it is flashing rapidly, wait for it to slow down and it will flash out a two digit code a few times. That could will be a big clue as to what the problem is.

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