Viewed excellent 76 eldorado convertable

Cadillac Eldorado


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    Sep 29, 2014
    Saturday 7/7, there was a Cadillac convertable parked near my house . Owner was nice guy and friendly. Took a tour around around his car while he showed Cads features. I'de describe it as a rose color very deep shine. Car hd been repainted once. Had the white interior seats almost like new . The tires and wheels were orginal except for 2 tires he purchase to match the rears.Chrome was mirror shiney almost like it was new. The top was hidden under the top lid, giving it a sleek look. The car was bought in Pennaslyvania for 20,000.Millage was just 30,000 It was top notch example of what Cad Eldoardo Convertables looked in 76 and I am dazaled still on Sunday.

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