Vaccum Line problem. Please help.

Lincoln Mark VIII

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    I have a Lincoln Mark 8 1993.

    One of the 0.8 plastic vacuum lines that leave the check valve is broken.

    I have search for days and days but I can’t find the information anywhere.

    There is a vacuum line that goes from the manifold to a “One-way check valve” (the feeding line) Located on the passenger side towards the firewall.

    Two small 0.8 plastic vacuum lines leave the check valve.

    *1 line goes through the firewall and I believe connects behind the Electronic AC control module locate on the dashboard. That vacuum line is intact.

    *The 2nd line (the broken one) leaves the check valve and goes through a round hole on the side front passenger fender to somewhere.

    The vacuum schematic shows the 2nd line supposedly connects to a “Vacuum reservoir”

    Some people called it “Vacuum Canister” but the schematic calls it “Vacuum reservoir”

    I’ve been trying to find out where is that vacuum reservoir located on the car?

    Can anyone tell me where is that vacuum reservoir located and how can I access it.

    I think that it is either under the passenger wheel well, or somewhere behind the front bumper on the passenger side but I’m not sure

    Like is said I’ve been searching on the net to no end, I have the maintenance manual as well but I cannot find the information.

    That second line is broken, so when I select vent or floor it works but when I accelerate the air moves to the windshield, it keeps cycling from lets say vent or floor to windshield.

    Hopefully someone will be able to help and save the day!

    Thank you

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