Upgrading Aviator Headlights to Factory HID


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Sep 23, 2008
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Corpus Christi
I have a 04 Aviator with halogen headlights. Recently I found a set of factory HID lights. I took out the old lights and plugged the HID housings in and they seem to work fine as the connection is the same and the ballasts are enclosed within the housing. What I am concerned about is that when I look up the fuses for a factory HID Aviator, there is a module on the passenger fender that has three fuses (my halogen Aviator only has one fuse and the other two blank spots have no metal blades sticking up). Also the large fuse box behind the battery on the driver's side fender well on a factory HID Aviator has two additional fuses (and again, my halogen Aviator does not have those fuses and the metal blades sticking up in this box where the HID fuses go is empty).
Should I be trying to get the wiring from an HID Aviator and graft that into my non-HID wiring loom, or will things run fine just the way they are?
I did this very same mod switching out non-hid for hid. If I recall correctly the connector was a bit different but did plug in. Of course this is wrong to do as you suspect. I've driven about 25k like that. I do plan to revise to be like factory.

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