u-pull-it junkyards in the south jersey / de area?


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Nov 18, 2004
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New Jersey
Anyone know of a u-pull-it type junkyard in the Wilmington, DE area? The one I used to go to closed down a few weeks ago. I need assorted little parts for my 86 Town Car, mostly interior bits and trim, and I hate to go to a regular place and have them pull it for me. Aside from the expense, I dont want parts that are not in better condition than what i already have. I found one that had an 84 TC, but the interior is the wrong color, so it wasn't a ton of use for me. I did get a new grille and the door parts I needed tho, so the trip wasn't a waste. :L
Your best bet would be to come right up I-95 to the Philadelphia Airport area and head on to Essington Avenue and Passyunk Avenue. A gazillion yards there and if one doesn't have what you want they can call down the street for you. Happy hunting!

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