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Dec 14, 2004
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I cannot believe I am asking this question, but I have a bit of a bet going. Have any of you seen the TURBONATOR??

Does this prdocut actually work?
If so, does it work as well as advertised?
Would you put it in your LS?

Here is the link, http://www.turbonator.com

I hope I am correct...I would imagine it is a P.O.S
Don't try that crap, anything that you can find that actually works, would be on this site. Take it from me, with my 7 dollar ebay chip experiment....which is now out in the middle of the woods somewhere.

If it seems too good to be true, it's :bsflag:
Also, if it sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the 1980's, don't put it under the hood of your car.
"I purchased two Turbonators for my Chrysler Sebring and immediately noticed the increase in power. It was more than I expected. I am already noticing the improved gas mileage. I like them so much, I am ordering two more for my brothers. Now, it feels like my car has a turbo charger."

That was a testimonial from their website...

I'm gonna buy like 10 of these things and put them all in a row and gain 300 horsepower. :bow:

:joke :joke :joke :joke :joke
"It was Pandalierium... I installed a Turbonator on my 1983 Chrysler minivan and got 100 miles per gallon and my horsepower went from 50 to 55hp! I am so pleased with this product... I will rec-o-mend it to all my friends in the trailer park..."

I Hope Jeff Foxworthy doesn't get too pissed at me for ad-libbing some of his stuff. What a hunk of crap. I guess that swirling air wouldn't be at all affected by the throttle butterfly, the "in-duh-vigual" intake runners, and not to mention the mass air or speed density air meters... Maybe they should include a bottle of STP and Slick 50 with it too!


'00 LS V8 Sport - Unturbonated!

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