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Feb 5, 2005
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New member here. Nice forum! You guys have lots if great ideas.

Wondering if any of you LS lovers out there have definitive information (from Ford) about the transmission fluid/filter change interval that is recommended for the LS 5 speed automatics. Owners manual does not address the 5 speed
models for the LS. Been changing filter/fluid in my MarkVII every two years.
So far with 140,000 plus on the clock its been working just fine. Love that car too. Would like to keep my 03 LS tranny happy too.
I personally change once a year, which I do out of simplicity - Easier to remember that every January I need to change the tranny fluid.

But I recommend every 20k you change the tranny fluid, from day one. Lincoln's weak link has always been the tranny. I also recommend a bottle of lucas tranny fluid be added as well.
Transmission Fluid Change

Many thanks Joeychgo. That's even more frequently than I have used on my Mark VII. If my LS 3.9 does as well after 15 years I'' be happy.
Regards, Linconlov
Lincoln says the automatics are filled for life same as other Fords. I believe they call for 60,000 miles on trucks used for towing. Better to change it, fluid is cheap, transmissions ain't, just do not overfill.

On the manuals (such as mine) they call for fluid change every 60,000 miles.

This seems the opposite of most OEMs where autos get new fluid and manuals are filled for life.
right - the LS engineers tell us that the trannie is sealed 'for life'. If you hit 100,000 that would be a good mark to re-think 'for life'.
anyone doing their own tranny fluid replacements at home on their LS? If so where did you find the tools?
Hey Forum! I am new to this forum. This is my third LS(first two were leased-my current one is bought and paid for used).


My first LS had a trans problem near the end of my lease 44k miles. When ford pulled it, the fluid was darker than normal(sealed for life-RIGHT!).

My current LS(2000 V8) has 85k. I just bought it two weeks ago and I had the trans fluid change at Valvoline($59 sale). The fluid was very dark!. So DO NOT IGNORE YOUR TRANSMISSION.

Valvoline has one of those state-of-the-art transmission pump machines that pump out your entire system. When you do change it, I suggest you go to someplace like Valvoline that has that pumping system. Valvoline had a sale going for this price($59) there normal price is $99. If you find a place charging more than $99, shop around.
I'll go to the dealer. they use the same pump and I know they wont fudge it up. It is worth the extra 70 or so bux I pay.

I have tried finding the vaccum pump they use for bottom filling but can't find it anywhere. Don't know that i want to even trust this job to even myself frankly.

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