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Dec 9, 2007
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so yeah, as the title states....
1997 mercury sable, 90k miles
lately i've been driving the car alot more than usual (vacation, work etc) and have noticed that the transmission has been being somewhat peculiarly. Under WOT when the speedo hits 70 mph the rpms will hesitate about 100 rpm i.e. 3800 pre 70 mph, 36-3700 @ 70 mph, and back up after about 72 mph. Now before someone suggests that it shifted, i assure you i'd know if that was the case. It exhibits a similar condition under partial throttle from 0-50, when it hits 50 mph prior to shifting into what i assume is OD the rpms jump about 100-200 just before it engages.

Now for the leak. I installed my UDP today and went for a test drive to see if it made a difference power wise and to make sure everything felt good. After I got back I opened the hood and noticed a little smoke coming from the back half of the engine bay. After looking underneath the car I seen the catalytic converter under the back half of the trans is the culprit. I checked the fluid and it is bright red and well into the crosshatches on the dipstick so the leak must not be a bad one at this point, but I am curious to see if this is something that might cause the shifting oddities noted above. I believe the fluid is leaking at the accumulator seal, but i am not 100% sure as I did not have a lift to get underneath the car. Any input will be appreciated

also i have been informed that dextron/mercon III should be replaced with Mercon V in marks, would that be applicable to my sable too?
alright, had the axle seal and the "servo"/accumulator seal changed by chicken himself, everything should be good now, thanks buddy

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