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    Aug 5, 2018
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    so im here got a new tps put it in made a gasket even give it a little love (hi tac ) start it up suddenly im at 2grand and it wont calm down just at 2gRAND and its 1159 pm ... i got a hurricane on the way so i got to get her in the garage before anyway 2grand and holding i had to turn it off pulled the negative terminal off battery and waited for 30 50 minutes to try again still same had to pull everything and put the old one back in duh ... back to normal got in garage without smaking the water heater like these garages were designed by a moron ive got 2 inches left its a midsize what were they thinking caddilac :/ anyway back to it ... ive been chasing a gremlin our gremlins but which ones ... after looking at the manual word for word it matches my problems the tps and the maf have a lot to with transmissions systems I've been trying to solve a shallow pedal and poor first gear roughness at launch and while wanting to cruise a parking lot but its shifiting ok and at higher speeds is not as noticable i was thinking my clutch pack is fried ... after reading parts of the the workshop man i am replacing the TPS .. p.s its getting long i know ...putting it back together i noticed i could of possibly adjusted the throttle stop and wondering the previous mechanic/ car salesmen screwed up there was stripped screws to the tps had a bugger getting em out dont think he did guy must of gave up and wonder if they just advanced the idle??? i got about a 1/4 inch of threads through at the stopper anyone know a normal point on first gen sport ? ... the other is i got the wrong TPS .... no red light for this no dtc's when doing this job i had a clean slate other than p1000 makes kinda sense although adjuster bolt is stiff and looks originally set with green coloring i didnt move it but i have to go back to the autopart store and ask if they gave me the right part for the sport and or get adjusted here ... ...... to note without starting out at a nominal finger regarding resolution worn or otherwise defective the shift points are probably affected given an improper signal :/ should set a flag :/ ..... out of a window isnt asking too much on our hsw ...i didnt get a trouble light for brake also and was disapointed at that also :/ anyone have to adjust the idle for a new TPS ? or calibrate a special way ?

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