torque converter ? kickin rocks

Lincoln LS

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    Aug 5, 2018
    deltona, fl
    looking for the tutorial on replacing a torque converter … seems im kicking rocks off the street from what is a normal stop and go situation I have to be careful on my accelerator or by the time I lock up its twisting the tires too much hence ...I feel that the curve is too late by the time it actually locks up the rear and is uncontrolled accompanying what might be a fuel delay but there is some annoying hard translation after as it does lock up ….also it was my manin concern that there is a rough feeling in the cockpit especially at just past idle speed to about 30mph until the car gets going (after the load ) .. I am assuming it is the torque converter or TCC solenoid not doing its job or something but not totally positive Im counting fuel delay and too much torque when it finally hits ….125k maybe its time for a full tranny job but all the gears are running through fine just I cant seem to cruz slow without like a feeling of riding a clutch in 2nd gear he ha ..well there are a couple vehicles with only a two speed on the column but this is different it will get down into 1st that's not the problem there was intermittent bliss now this kinda of fits me for a J.O.B wasn't cam tensioners

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