Time Capsule Mark

Look at the grille - time capsule my butt...
What sorta time capsule? One where the odometer is rolled back?
That champagne is freakin nice! I like it..especially with that black interior! I'd have to drop that price about 2-3 grand though.
A lot of these cars are starting to come up now. Especially down here in Texas. As these elderly get older and can't drive anymore, more and more will pop up. As for the car I showed, unfortunately it's at a little high, they can try to get that price. Some poor schmuck will in-house finance it.
There was a 37K mile 93 for sale for cheap a while back, I almost wish I had jumped on it.
This guy was at car craft 2 years ago, 21,000 mile CE.

From WI somewhere, but I doubt any of us have the bank roll to take it from him.


either has air ride problems or a ****ty spring conversion.


Yeah that looks hideous..how can someone drive it around like that..or even post a for sale ad without mentioning why the rear suspension is jacked way the hell up.
WOW! Yeah this is the one I'd take home with me for sure! Damn! I'd be all over this car if it was closer.

Dude, if you had $8K to spend on a Mark, surely you have a few hundred dollar bucks to fly up and drive it back! :rolleyes:

I know I sure would - that is a super sweet looking ride right there, 17k miles and that COLOR (inside and out)!

Yuck..ivory interior, looks dirty the second you open the door. Ivory on black would be ideal, like 94m5's car..love that combo.
Ivory on inside, black on outside, both are PITA to keep clean!

But I still like that Ivory/Ivory car and since I have several cars, I'd just use it when I know it wouldn't get dirty! lol
I have an Ivory Mark VIII '98 just like that one and absolutely love it! At night, hit the unlock button on the key fob and it just glows. But mine is at 89,000 miles.

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