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Jan 30, 2009
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Colorado Springs
I have a Town Car currently and I am considering getting an Eldo or something.

Do issues pop up with the Northstar engines much? How much more are parts and such for these cars if something does require fixing compared to a Lincoln?

And do you need to use premium gas or does 87 do?

Thanks :)
Yeah, anything with a northstar that isn't 02 or up has a chance of blowing one, especially if it's not taken care of, and sometimes even if it is. Theyre nice cars, 93 octane is recomended on all of them. If possibly having to replace a head gasket at some point doesn't scare you off, they're pretty sweet cars. Oh, they burn off oil between oil changes too, you can expect to lose about a quart, maybe less. Maybe one of the experts will chime with an exact explanation of why.
eldo was my second choice when looking for my mark. i'd rather have air ride problems then major engine prob's. sweet looking cars though.
Thanks alot for the feedback guys.
Was talking to a dealer guy today and he was saying after 2000 they fixed the problem.
Kinda ripping out my entire year range, unless I can find an early early 2000 or 2001, but like you said Cadillack if it's 2002 I might have to skip out on Caddys again and stick with my lincolns.

I'm still waiting for an 02 eldo to fall into my price range, I believe there were collectors editions made that year as they were the last years. I had a 92 & a 99 & liked them both.

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