Thinking about switching over to a Deville


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Jun 30, 2012
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Hello guys, I currently have the 00' Lincoln LS v6 and it was a good run. Spent a lot of money such as the trans, ball joints, etc... My cousin picked up an 09 deville and I have to admit it's a frickin sweet car. I saw a few 04 - 08 models on craigslist for dirt cheap. Before I take the dive, what problems do these cars have? I'm interested to know how much money it takes to fix them, common issues, etc..
Well the Devilles after 2000 were made between 2000-2005, and 2006-2011 they were replaced by the DTS. As for common issues, the 06-11 DTS has fewer ones than the 00-05 Devilles do. For starters there's the Head gasket issues the Devilles from 2000-2003 suffer from, 2004 the Northstar received new bolt design. They sometimes leak oil due to a leaky crankcase design, not as common on the later DTS, they love eating up motor mounts as well, that's pretty much all I can think of for now.
I plan on one day getting a 2011 DTS Platinum in Black Raven, Tehama or Tuscany Leather, and beautiful genuine wood trim with inlay.



My boss has an 04 Deville DTS. He's put a couple grand into the car and it still has warning lights on the dash. He repaired 1 oil leak. Replaced the stock cracked wheels a $500 alternator replacement. The CD player doesn't work and there is no easy kit to hook up aftermarket. It's reliable. He just deals with the engine lights.

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