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    Aug 6, 2010
    Hey everyone, haven't been here since 2016, but decided to start checking on the 2017/18 MKZ. I sold my 2004 LS back in 2016, and have loved NOT having to deal with all the repair bills. The LS will always be my dream car, but it's a piece of shit! I don't allow my personal feelings to dictate my opinions. I love the car, but not afraid to call it what it is.

    However, since Lincoln did away with their stupid wing grill design, god that was stupid, I have been thinking about getting a 2018 MKZ. I just wanted to know if it's actually a dependable car or am I walking back into another mess? How has the other MKZ models performed? Any MKZ owners want to tell me about your experience with the car? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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