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Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Hi everyone, I have saw posts where people have said our cars are expensive to maintain. I have had mine for 8 years now and not once thought so.

    So I started researching what it costs to maintain the Mercedes CL and SL models which have the ABC suspension. I did so for two reasons. I wanted to compare a car that had driver adjustable ride height like our M8's can (read further below) and I came across a 2003 CL AMG for 15k and it was in great shape, with low miles. The CL and SL AMG models do have more horsepower due to a 5.5L supercharged motor and the HP varies depending on the year, but the 2003 CL has 300HP which is not far off from our 280 base model / 290HP LSC.

    Now with the 2003 CL55 costing $109000 new, I'm not comparing that to a new M8. Rather my with searching I have saw these go for $7500 and m8's in and around that price depending on mileage and condition of course.
    I also picked these two models as their suspension can be adjusted just like ours - of course as long as you have the ASHAM8 module, Rays Switch or equivalent.

    So bottom line with a mod that costs less than $200 our M8's suspension can do what the CL and SL models can do - adjust ride height on the fly. Now the CL & SL models do have a normal and sport setting, although every comment I read, there was only one owner that could tell the difference. Everyone else said they could not notice a change.

    To replace the front struts, rear shocks and pump = $10k at the dealership. $4297 if you DIY.
    I just bought new M8 air struts for $450 delivered to Canada. New rear air bags are on ebay for $99 for the pair and $58 for new rear shocks. The compressor is for $100 to $200 for good replacement

    Check the cost to do front brakes on the SL is almost 3k at the dealer. DIY 1k. The ignition coil packs replacement cost $3500 at dealer $2500 DIY. In the video he says they go quite often.

    Found another video where they show how to change the oil as Mercedes charges $300+ for an oil change. They said it was due to the motor having two drain plugs. The Lincoln Mark VII has two drain plugs and Ford doesn't charge anything close to that to change the oil change.

    CL65 AMG replacement costs March, 2021.png

    He is an awesome honest review of maintenance and repair cost for two years at just over $4100 usd per year (I converted from Swiss Francs to USD)

    CL55 repair and maintainance costs for 2 years..png
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