The Mark VII Club, August 07, Lunch and Meet


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Feb 18, 2007
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With summer waning, The Lincoln Mark VII Club held its August So. Cal. lunch meet at Bob’s Big Boy, in Glendale California today. Under sunny 100-degree skies, a few of us came out to play with cars. That didn’t keep us out of the parking lot to ooh and ahh at the beautiful Mark VII's lined up there.


Art's 91 LSC-SE "Dusty", Kat's 91 LSC, DB's 86 LSC, Brent's 87 LSC, Henry's 90 LSC-SE "Mean MK VII", Rafael's 89 LSC

A couple of new arrivals could be found in the parking lot. DB Samuel braved the heat to show us his 1986 LSC. He has owned this beauty since 1988 and has done nothing but make it better!

Besides rebuilding the engine, he has taken the body down to metal and not liking the look of that, he decided to cover it back up with 4 coats of black, and just for kicks, 4 coats of clear! The interior was completely replaced with original type leather and style, including the steering wheel, and just to keep it in good shape, he tinted the windows.


He didn’t stop at the body and interior, he added some Zenatt 18 X 8-1/2” wheels wrapped in 225-45 18, ZR 18 tires. He polished the dew wipe moldings pillars and trims, which compliment the wheels. The bright work really "POPS". Very sweet.


“Dusty” made her first public debut since I've owned her, which provided for an interesting photo op.


"Mean Mark VII", DB's pristine 86 and "Dusty", wearing her temporary wheels & tires.

It was a really great day and getting Rafael, Henry, Brad, Brent, Kat, Chris, Gloria and Rafael’s daughter, Suzy and his (soon to be) son-in-law Mark, (who is now looking for a Mark VII), DB and friend Trina, all in the same place, was just good fun. What a great bunch of folks.

Trina also ownes a Mark VII but it took the day off and Brad's highly modified Mark had a hot flash, so it cooled it's heals at Henry's house so they shared a ride in the "Mean" Mark. We look forward to seeing it next month.


You can see DB’s car and all the photos at:

Thanks all for coming and hope to see you again next month.



The next regularly scheduled So. Cal. meet will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 1:00 PM.

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