The importance of 5 star crash rating...

May God continue to bless her and your fam as a whole. Have a good weekend!
Five years ago yesterday I think!!!
This thread was my favorite part of this forum... you guys brought some light in a scary time, thank you all!

She's doing GREAT! almost full recovery, and back to normal. They moved away last year for her job, but we're going to go see her and my dad this weekend (he on the other hand, not doing too well.... but happy to get to spend some time together). We're trying to get one last family vacation in while "we can", I told him we'd go anywhere he wants! (cheaper for me knowing he doesn't like to fly...:):):)).

Anyways, thanks for all the love here, This Thread always brings a smile to my face!
All have a great day on me today!!!
Good deal G, glad she made out well in the long run, cheers to your pops, keep him hanging in there as long as he can. Family love it the best medicine. + a good time.
Best of wishes to you G-RELL, I hope all of your mothers injuries heal soon. I can't even imagine that happening to my mom. May perfect health come to her fast.

My Prayers are with your mom. Believe it or not,,, the car she was driving... did what it was supposed to do,,, and MAY have played a part in why she is still walking this Earth. Divine intervention is a marvelous mystery.

Looks like the front end "broke away",,, while the passenger cabin remained intact.

I came on the scene of an accident near my house, (years ago). Seems drunk driver tried to pass on a "twisty" 2-lane. Drunk driver had Jeep Grand Cherokee... and victim had Hummer H2 or H3. Impact was left front on both vehicles. Jeep crumpled, (as it should), while the Hummer only appeared to have minor left front damage.

I watched "Life Flight" come in and land. while the woman driving the Hummer was grasping the paramedics arms. I got a "bad vibe"... and drove away,,, because i "KNEW" i didn't want to witness what was about to happen.

Yeah!!! Woman driving the Hummer was transported to the hospital dead... while her 2 girls watched it. The drunk guy in the Grand Cherokee barely had a scratch!!!

Hummers may be built like tanks,,, but they have no "crumple zones". Steel doesn't move if it is "too solid"... so the human body then becomes the "shock absorber". We may often bitch about why car designers do what they do, (from a mechanics viewpoint), but they have their reasons.

Thank "Tucker" for being the first auto manufacturer to add seat belts to a vehicle... while the "big 3" were trying to break him financially.

Ironic that my son recently went "end over end"... and then "barrel rolled" his Ford Escape. When I drove up on the scene... I expected more damage than I saw. Windsheild and sunroof were shattered... but the roof and pillar posts were intact. My son was standing there... waiting for me,,, when I pulled up to the scene.

So give the automotive engineers "their due".

I messed up in 2010. Used to be a pic of my 2001 Grand Marquis... in my sig. That was lost with the new website,,, and I'm not sure i still have the pic. I was "airborn" for roughly 100 feet... barrel rolling... and the car landed roughly on it's roof. State Trooper told me that if I had had a front seat passenger... that they most likely would have been dead.

To see the pic is amazing!!! The roof was almost flat,,, except for the fact that the drivers front "pillar post" held up. If not for that,,, then i most likely wouldn't be typing this right now.

Yes... there IS a God that loves us. The randomness of what happens in this world is STILL something I hope to be able to explain someday. My belief... is that everything happens for a reason. It seems to be partly caused by our own decisions... and partly interventioned by the power of God.

I CAN'T explain why bad things happen to good people... and why bad people appear to prosper. In the end,,,God will judge everything,,, based on the hearts of the individual. That goes for Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Bhuddists... and all of the former Greek philosophy "isms" that have pervaded society for thousands of years.

HRMWRM could have a "field day" with this... but he chooses to "hide" in the "politics" section of this forum.

I'll get off my soapbox now. At least i didn't hijack "Rigs" thread again... like i did at Christmas time a year ago.
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