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Mar 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
ok, IM almost done with this.

For those unaware I have been building a tech/how to section for our site. I am almost done with it - now I just need articles to place in it!

I have a few donated by members -- but need much much more. Lets really make this comprehensive.

All vehicles including:
Lincoln LS
Lincoln Mark VII
Lincoln Mark VIII
Lincoln Town Car
Cadillac CTS
Cadillac Seville

All Lincolns and Cadillacs!

Articles could be simple - "how to change the oil" or as involved as "swapping engines" Doesnt matter. I want this to be usable for those who just do basic maintenence and for those who do more.

This also includes detailing, washing and waxing of our cars! WHats the best way to make the car look fabulous? Tell us your secrets!!!

Some guidelines for articles -

Clearly written and easy to understand -
Detailed - dont assume the reader knows everything-
Photos of key points (can do videos also)
Parts needed -
Tools Needed-

Come on everyone - email your articles to me at You'll get full credit of course....

Thanks for helping everyone!!!!!
Lets not forget the tech section folks --- I NEED ARTICLES!!!!!!!

:) HELP!!!!!!!

This is a real important part of the site folks. The more we have - the more members we can draw and keep - and that means vendors wil be more interested and I'll be able to negotiate better deals for you all -- so HELP!!!!!!!!! :)
I'll get around to my first TECH article sooner or later. I promise you'll get a copy of it. It'll be for running the air suspension on a Mark VII. Hopefully I'll get it done by the end of summer time. :rolleyes:
Since I've had some trouble with the trunk alignment on my Mark VIII, you can count on me for an article on how to adjust that.

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