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Jul 29, 2006
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Can anyone tell me what is the usual reason for the tailamp grid not to work on a 98 LSC? Mine hasn't worked since I bought it March of last year & my dad & I took the mechanisms apart in the trunk lid but couldn't find anything wrong. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ANYONE!!!:confused:
The center lamp is a neon tailight. There are two main reasons why it wouldn't be working, 1: the balast is out, 2: the neon in the tailight is dead. You can get new balasts, I'm sure someone has the guys email.
Go to the "Second Generation (97-98) Neon Problems" (http://www.markviii.org/LOD2/inverter/inverter.html) listed on the "Technical Help" (http://www.markviii.org/LOD2/technical.htm) page of the LOD (Lincolns of Distinction) website.
There is information including Rich's (glitch's) e-mail contact (glitchm@hotmail.com) and Pay-Pal button.
Like many others, I have replaced the inverter with his unit. The product works and the instructions are clear and accurate, right down to how much weight to add to compensate for the difference in weight between his inverter and the factory unit. You will see why that is important when you read the instructions.
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