Sunroof drain tubes unclogged


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Apr 16, 2017
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Binghamton, NY
Hello all, I just bought an '05 and have been doing the obligatory fixes and maintenance. I just thought I would share the method I used for cleaning out my clogged sunroof drain tubes. I don't have an air compressor at my house so I tried using some weed eater string to break up the clog. It was too flimsy to push through the clog so then I tried to find the end of the drain tube hoping I could break up the clog with a coat hanger... No dice. The tubes exit somewhere inside the the rocker panel. I couldn't even see the end of the drain tube after taking off the plastic rocker panel body work.

Then I had an idea - I had some 1/4" nylon tubing that came with the humidifier I installed in my house last winter. It worked perfectly! It was rigid enough that I could really push on the clog. What really did it, though, was taking a whole mouthful of water and blowing it down the tube. The first time, some of the water came back up the drain tube so I had a bucket to catch it. The second time it blew right out. Success!

*WARNING* forcing water down a long small diameter tube can cause fluctuations in the blood supply to your brain causing light-headedness and possibly fainting (so take it easy and have a place to sit down close by)

After blowing out all four drain tubes, I reattached them and secured them with zip ties to keep the from coming off. It seems a precious owner already had one do that and fixed it with a little extension.

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