Suicide Trunk/Flip Flop Trunk


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Sep 11, 2005
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So someone had asked about it mod to the LS a while ago and yesterday (Saturday) I decided to flipflop my trunk after I installed the new Headlamps Richie sold me... my only problem is resizing pictures.. is there an e-mail I can send pics too and have someone resize them? when I upload pics on my cardomain I can post those here.. but it wont be too many pics.. let me know
im sending the mail as I type right now.. there are a couple pics there.. i placed one of the pics on my car domain.. here it is..

sorry about the car being so dirty, hopefully NIE will post the other pics.. i would do a pic by pic install but i didnt have the camera with me.. i can type how i did it if u like, or answer any questions about it..

PS. Rank me up on cardomain if u can!!!

for some reason the image wont load.. go to my page and u can see it if u like.. its the second pic down after the list of installs
thats pretty much the link i used to do it.. but instead of 4 inch strap hinge's, i used 3 inch..

also the honda didnt have a carpet.. to cut out to give the hinge space to maneuver..

it took about 2-4 hours to do.. depending on how far the home depot is from ur house and how bad the line is to get ur supplies.. no point in putting a step by step.. its right above my post.. :)
joeygood.. u can buy the kit for 20$ on ebay i believe.. but i paid 20 for EVERYTHIGN i used.. including some paint to paint the chrome hinges black like my car


u can see the trunk from the front..



u can se the ps2, and the added woodgrain so far.. im still missing the radio..

let me know what u think
WOW that trunk is crazy! Like the double din head unit. Looks good!

Can you post a pic of the brackets/hinges installed on your LS...I would like to do this, but would love a pic of the interior of the trunk.

thanks for the comment.. im still waiting on the wood trim to fit around it..
benet00 said:
Can you post a pic of the brackets/hinges installed on your LS...I would like to do this, but would love a pic of the interior of the trunk.


i dont understand what u mean by an interior pic of the trunk? if u look at the link that QUIK provided, it's pretty much the framwork that i used to do this.. my trunk opens normally.. but when i want to show it off.. i unlock two deadbolts and it gives the hinge the ability to move and manipulate the trunk how i want.. there are pics of the hinges on the link.. but i think they used 4 inch hinges.. i used 3 inch.. it should matter.. but i do recomment using the triangle shaped hinges
mikedeezy123 said:

Crazy $hit man.

lmao.. funny...

as far as headlights? they look kinda green.. but its really like a blueish white.. im running 8000kelvin HIDs top and bottom.. ima try and get some night pics so u can really see the difference..
sounds good man .. i jus upgraded to the silverstars rated at 4000k and i was all impressed now i`m seeing 8000k and 8500k for the same price.. :-s looks like imma be returning some stuff.
ur gonna need:
(2) 3" strap hinges (Triangle shape)
(2) 2 inch deadbolts
1/4 inch strap nails
(1) friend to hold trunk

1. Take off top deck lid cover.
2. bolt off hinge on driver side, and place 3" strap hinge behind the hold bar. You should be able to put it in place and mark the hinge on the trunk inself. (Redo to passenger side)
3. Take off trunk lid completely and bolt down the hinges the the trunk itself.
4. Next is to put the trunk back on and mark where the bottom of the hinge should screw on to the arm hinge on the car. Once you mark that you should be unleveled because the head of the screw is bothering the hinge, so you need to drill into the trunk so that the screws can clear the hinge flush. (at this time, the trunk should flop)
5. The deadbolt is so that the trunk does not ALWAYS flop. The bolt will go horizontal on the trunk. Place the bolt on the lid and mark where it should lock into. Drill the hole for the deadbolt on the arm hinge from the car and lock deadbolt. (do to both sides). Once that is done, your trunk should be stock looking. Make sure the trunk closes because you might need to make minor adjustments.
6. You should be able to lock and unlock the trunk now and show off the "suicide" look or stock look when wanted. But you have not place the cover back on. For the cover itself, I just cut out the area that was block my path, and painted everything in that area in black. If you want you can cut a line down the middle but I had custom interior and it was quite harder.

for RED, I suggest that since ur gonna do suede, why dont do it on the trunk and the trunk lid in the back as well... holla
its not perfect.. so ask me anything that is not clear.. or any steps i missed.. sorry about it.. i did it fast so u get the idea

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