Successful AC rework.

Lincoln LS

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    Sep 6, 2010
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    Found a hole in the condenser, which caused a loss of 134. So with 146k on the car thought the compressor should be changed proactively too.

    After pulling the compressor the drained oil showed no metal flakes indicating an internal failure.

    New compressor, new condenser, new drier, add oil per manual volumes, 28oz of R134 by weight. Since the manufacturers have gone to weight, I go to that and the gauge readings secondarily.

    FOUR SEASONS Compressor 78549 w/ Clutch $200
    Spectra 7-3020 Condenser $80
    MOTORCRAFT YL190 Drier/Accumulator $35
    MOTORCRAFT YG378 Heater Valve $100 (Because I was there and wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue).

    Plus 3 cans of R134 and 1 of oil (used as needed).

    Picture from last night, this morning, and cal check. It's off by 1.5 degrees. I've never gotten an A/C this cold. IMG_5028.JPG IMG_5031.JPG IMG_5033.JPG
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