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    Sep 19, 2011
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    About 2-3 months or so ago, I woke up at ~3 am, got some water and was heading back to bed when I looked at my 2017 Cadillac XTS, which was parked on the street for this one night (usually garaged), and I noticed something sticking straight up behind the rear window. I looked and looked at it in the dim light of a street light some 150 feet away and realized that it was the trunk lid!

    I got semi-dressed and proceeded out to the car to close the trunk lid. Upon approaching the car, I realized that the driver's door was unlocked (ONLY - the other 3 doors were locked). I pressed the lock down and suddenly all 4 doors then unlocked. I tried the interior power lock button on the driver's door and it did the same - momentarily locked all 4 doors, then unlocked them all. I was now standing outside unable to lock my car. Stupid me of course did not have the key fob as it was in a different pair of pants.

    So, I go back into the house; retrieve the key FOB; shut the trunk; was then was able to lock the car with the key FOB. All now secured, I went back into the house and back to bed.

    This same scenario has now repeated itself four more times. Luckily, the car is usually garaged, so I usually do not find out about the trunk/driver's door until I enter the garage to leave for breakfast around 6 am.

    Also, the trunk has opened itself at least 6x while driving/moving; sometimes at a stop sign or red light or while moving (once it opened while I was doing 80+ mph on an Interstate Highway).

    The driver's door lock also continues to unlock itself - only while parked and locked, i.e., it has never unlocked while driving/moving.

    One key FOB is in a filing cabinet in a folder for the Cadillac; the other - usually on the breakfast/kitchen bar or table by the garage door. I have never, ever touched it prior to these odd events occurring.

    The other strange thing occurring is the complete freezing of the CUE screen. I'll be driving and want to change the XM station - no response; or I want to increase/decrease the speed of the A/C fan - no response. There is simply no response from ANY button on the CUE screen or from the touch-levers below for radio volume, fan speed, temps, etc...

    To "fix" this, I have found that I must pull over somewhere; shut the car OFF; get out of the car; lock it; re-enter it; re-start the car; then the CUE screen + touch-levers all work again -- until the next freeze, which could be in a few minutes or days or weeks from now.

    Has anyone ever experienced similar events?

    I have full factory 4/50 warranty until ~February 2021; followed by 2 years of "Certification warranty". So far, the car has been into Cadillac service twice; nothing found/all is well on both visits.

    I have placed night-vision cameras in the garage at various angles (8 total cameras) and nothing can be seen precipitating the trunk open or the door unlock, i.e., a light coming on on the dash or other indicator. Nothing appears out of the ordinary except for the fact that the trunk opens and the driver's door unlocks itself whenever the XTS feels the need to do so. :)

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