Southern Super Heavy Shootout 12


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Sep 22, 2007
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Florida Keys

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Let's have us a race!!

Bring some of those hot Lincolns and Caddies out!
We have 1 CTSV that runs every year, he is lonely.
Of course we also have MLSCHULZ and DRILLER putting on a show too.

Join us!
So today I was wondering when the SSHS was this year. Did a little searching and naturally it was this past Saturday. I live 90 minutes away so I didn't need much notice. If only I had thought of it earlier...

I'd like to have known what the ol' Continental would do. Sure, FWD and granny Michelins mean it isn't going to launch well but I know for a fact it's dead even with a current-year Charger R/T from roll so it gets interesting once it's moving. It's a 2nd gear hero :D

My 300 lbs in the driver's seat makes sure it would meet the 4k lb requirement too. Oh well, there's always next year!

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