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Jan 11, 2011
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New Brighton, MN
Here is one of my October 8th runs. It was 76 degrees when I did this pass, and when we left the track, it was 84 degrees out. Not the best day weather-wise.

13.78@99.72 - YouTube

Here is another run up against my buddy's Marquis:
13.976@99.11 - YouTube

This last week I ran a best of 13.591 I have some videos to come from this day. I'm just waiting on the camera man who was recording me. I had a 13.6xxx pass and lots and lots of 13.7s and a couple 13.8s. My worst pass was a 14.109 That was my first pass in the morning and I was the first car to run down the track. I had some awful wheel spin on that pass. It was a good day. :D
Here are some videos that were taken at the track this last Saturday. :D

13.71@100.73 - YouTube
13.70@101.33 - YouTube
13.69@101.16 - YouTube

And last but not least, here is the best pass of the day. A little story behind this one first though.:D My buddy has been with me all along as the car has been getting modified and has seen the improvements from last year and has expressed the same concerns about the tune and such. The mail order tune is absolute fail and I manually shifted all of my runs at the track. He is kind of a car freak himself. Last Saturday on the hotter of the two track days I was discussing with him about hitting the track this last Saturday. I told him it would be nice to see a 13.5xxx out of the car. A few days before the track event we were talking on facebook and he reluctantly said, 13.5s is going to be tough and I'm not too sure that could happen for ya but you might pick up a tenth. I suckered him into a bet of $20 and I told him if I ran a 13.59 does that still count? He said, "Sure I guess, but it's going to be tough." The bet was on! :p Now when you watch this last video and hear his reaction at the end you'll know why. He was simply floored! And I called that one dead nuts. :cool:

13.59@101.72 - YouTube

Needless to say, I was literally fist-pumping all the way back from the slip booth to the pit area while onlookers looked at me in the weirdest fashion. Not a big deal to all those 10 and 11 second drivers and their crews but for me this was a huge accomplishment and I won myself $20. We hit the local watering hole on the way back to Minnesota and the drinks were on him and I had a 13.5 second timeslip in the door pocket. :cool:

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