Sold the LSE and got the replacement


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May 22, 2006
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I finally sold the LSE last weekend. 2002 with 92k for $12k

Here is the replacement

:eek: $12k for a gen 1 with 92k????!?!?!?!!? Clueless buyer?

nice replacement, more pics please :)
yeah my lse was a great looking car and he fell for it first minute he saw it.

and the replacement is a 2009 E-Class 4matic AMG package 2 I will try to take more pictures by the weekend.
Great sell, nice replacement. Second LS owner to sell their LS for a MB recently
12k for you LSE? holly crap what an idiot. I will sell mine to him too if he wants a pair! The MB is nice, but i really never liked that front end they have going on, but everything else is amazing in that car.
Wow that guy who paid that must not have heard of the internet!

Nice pickup
He was a 22 year old that really wanted my car. I think he liked the headrest tv's and the jag wheels kinda sold my car lol
wow, that crazy, i bought my 03 for $11k with 50k mi over three years ago!!!
Would be funny if the guy stumbles across lvc.
Yeah I guess I got real lucky.
The new car is a E350 4Matic AMG package 2 with keyless entry and push button start on the shifter. The car drives really nice. The is my second E-Class and they are great cars.
Cool. Get the wider wheels in the back. The 4 matic comes only with non-staggered wheeld I think.

Also does it have airmatic? You can lower it with links easily and it will look super nice.

You could also get an E63 rear bumper with E63 exhaust.

E-class can be fitted with some really good wheels because of the low offset. I saw one with OEM SL63 wheels and wow it looked good. Fit was perfect.

Keep us updated on the changes you make.
Nice upgrade. I've always been a Benz fan. My next purchase is going to be a benz of some sort.

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