Sold Her... Miss Her.... Can't decide what to do.

Damn I would never sell my ls I love her too much I have a 04 and got her new. I know her more than I know my wife and just like the wife it will break me to see her with anyone else. BUT just in case if I would need to get a new one cuz my baby got totaled or something like that I was really thinking of the mks ecoboost I know its not even close go our ls in terms of performance but I like the styling and it rides really nice. Plus I would do a hennesy upgrade on the first day I get it.
All posts seam like you guys are saying "Lincoln" glad to hear that. Still Undecided about what I will do. Liked that S Type R that was posted. Those are really nice and although I am almost sure they have at least one more mile of 18ga than any gen of LS one thing is true. There are bad ones and there are good ones. - some just cost more than others. Lots to ponder on I guess. Its just hard to look at anything w/o a RWD V8.
I rented a 300c on a business trip and it was definitely not what I would consider a luxury car. It honestly felt more like a 4-door family car. It was definitely not on par with my LS. Which is funny, considering Chrysler wants it to compete against STS and TownCars.

Maybe the SRT 300c would make up for it's lack elsewhere. The rental I had was just the V6 and it was about as gutless as you could get. A prius felt more responsive (no I'm not kidding).

My dad has a 300c and I love that car, The LS is more of a luxury car than that but the 300 is still a very nice car, and it blows the dam door off my ls any time I try to race my dad... and a "300c" note the "c" means it has the HEMI in it, so if the one you had was the v6 it was not the c, and the base 300 versus the c are two completely different cars. that 5.7 is not even close to being slow in any way.
I had an LS. Then bought an SRT8.

Sure the interior in the 300 isn't like the Lincoln, but you're not gonna see it from the back bumper ;) And to be quite honest, I find the seats in the SRT8s far more comfortable. The cooled seats thing doesn't bother me as I never used them in the LS because the one time I tried, it felt like I pissed myself. lol

In all seriousness, once I test drove the SRT8 my mind was made up.

Good luck whichever way you go. :Beer
Oh furrr sure SRT8 300c < LS

Sorry love my LS to death but its true. Maybe spend the extra 3-4k on a new better leather for the seats and inserts for the SRT8
The only thing the SRT8 has on the ls is the engine.

LS looks sexier and beats it in every other way. I chose my 06 over an 07 srt8.
I did drive an 07 SRT 8 300 c was impressed by power, seat comfort and brakes. Other wise not overly impressed with interior or overall quality. The charger is a whole nother level of cheapish IMO. I do like the SRT for performance, and a bigger seat but as for comforts and quality of the LS, just couldnt do it.
Found a 2006 Black Elite with 137k on it. Not worried or set on the mileage but its a good price for an extreamly clean 06. I shouldnt tell you guys but $8500 for an 06 seams fair to me, very fair. Thoughts?

My other issue is the old lady just oked me to get my dream quad too so now I am between a rock and a hard place. "New" 09 KFX 700 or Higher mileage 2006 HTRD LCN??

Thoughts Now?
That mileage is way too high.

I know you want an 06 but you need to shoot for under 100K. Im at 70K and i wish it was lower still.
take the QUAD, worst case you sell it in a year or two and put it towards another LS, If the wife is "OK-ing" a quad!, i imagine you can convince her to let you use the quad money as a down payment.

Good luck, I hope to see you back sometime.
take the QUAD, worst case you sell it in a year or two and put it towards another LS, If the wife is "OK-ing" a quad!, i imagine you can convince her to let you use the quad money as a down payment.

Good luck, I hope to see you back sometime.

She has ok'ed me for another HTRD LCN until I get one. It easier to keep that line of wifecredit open than being approved for a fun machine. V-force it is, Pics will be up as soon as I can work a deal with the dealership.
2009 Kawasaki V-Force 700

My dream bike since 2004 when they were introduced. Brand New right off the showroom floor.
Mods to come:
  • Kawi front bumper
  • dual exhaust
  • fatty nerf bars
  • CDI juice box/jets
  • cooler rear grab bar
  • GPS mount
  • Full feature Trail Tech gauge
  • HID's

700 small2.JPG

700 small 1.JPG

700 small4.JPG

Well kids I didn't expect this to happen when it did but not only did I get my V Force but looks like the old ladies news of a little one pushed us to get into something newer than her 01 Taurus. No its not a HTRD LCN but it will do in a pinch.

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP
60k on the LS4 303HP V8.
Dark Slate Grey
Black leather and Suade
Enough torque steer at a 20 roll to scare a rally car driver

It was between this and a Mazda Speed6. Came down to interior space and this popping up locally. Hope you like it or at least respect it. And if you don't I guess I really don't care but this thing is pretty awesome. Seats better, power better, everything else is less than LS by far but I needed a good driver that will get 30mpg and still let me feel like a hot rod guy. Mission Accomplished!

Oh and I threw one update of the V on here too. I'm not abandoning the brand but for a while I'm gonna roll with the only GM I ever cared for. (Pontiac that is) Maybe someday an MKS Ecoboost is in my future but for now we are pretty content.






Nice car. When my son was on his way into the world I was looking at getting a grand prix. But the LS popped up and I've liked these since they came out, so...

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