So I have looking to buy an

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Lincoln !! I was open to town car ,Conti what ever I can pull the cash together for I'm set income .

    So I had all them "let it go" and such from selling my bike .... So I start looking I find this guy who replys to back .
    It's in National City.
    You know every city has a bad Town side of town. Not National City it's all bad . Near the southern border. I'm not please the wife was doing everything to get out if it. ...
    It was 2003 LS V8 sport . With 132k on the clock . Vin check it was towed 2 times and sold at auction...back in 2013,14,16 ...
    And this kid guy non citizen only had it for 3 months to do stupid shit like put 18's 9in wide then puts 215 size tires on it ..
    He is selling the stock wheels so right off the bat ... I ask can I swap. Them out
    So I test drive it looks like bumpper was repainted .
    I go to push buttons on message center. ..
    The 4 buttons sink into the dash as I push .wtf. he just sitting next to me in passager side. Then I try to pull them out and not have then fall in to dash.
    The whole Vent housting comes off inmy hand . I'm my mind I'm busting up .
    So then the guy point to how the treads are busted off . . .
    I would have gave this guy 1500 for that thing and I would have never let my wife drive it .


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