So I gota do a Coil over convert

Coil over plug (COP) convert? No need for a lift with that. I know of no tech article, but its not too hard.
I gotta feelin that is not what he's talking about.

If I'm correct he bought from American Air and they should have good instructions for him.
I did a coil suspension conversion. T-bird struts are a direct swap for the factory air bags. The rear coils are a direct swap but you need to fab up some brackets to retain the coils in the pockets. I think American Air has something for that.
it's easy, no diagram needed. if you got a kit, it's so easy. we did it in my driveway without a lift on my vii and it's pretty well just as straightforward on the viii's.

no sweat.

you can fix the air suspension for about the same money usually.
Ya , its the air ride swap............. Not My car a job for my friend , I got the kit from Struts-R-US ----------->>>

OK so its going to be EZ than, No big Deal.

even he can do it!

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