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Feb 18, 2007
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Southern Californoa
WE had a good turnout last month. Lots of fun! ITS TIME AGAIN!

Sunday, September 16, 2007 @ 1:00P
Same place:
Bob's Big Boy,
1407 W. Glenoaks Blvd,
Glendale, Cal


I'll be there! We might even get Kat and Chrissy to bring their cars?
Any Chicks out there with a Mark? Our wives drive 'um too! Bring yours and lets make this a family thing! :D

Hope to see ya there!



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The West Coast Chapter of The Lincoln Mark VII Club held it’s eleventh lunch in Glendale California today, September 16, 2007.


We had our highest ever car count this Sunday and we had lots to look at and talk about. Most of the attendees were old friends and we had some newcomers as well.

Brent left a flyer on Carmeron Allen’s extremely straight Light Wheat colored 90 LSC, so he swung by to see what was going on.

I (Art) spotted a red SE sitting in a parking lot with a “For Sale” sign on it, but stopped and left a flyer on it anyway. Eduardo Camarena drove it to Glendale today, and after finding some folks and a club that was willing to give him some guidance in repairing it, decided to throw the “For Sale” sign in the trash!

We appreciate both of you for joining our family of friends and enthusiasts.


(Clockwise) Kat, Chris, Brent, Eduardo, John, Mark, Rafael, Cameron.

Chris brought her new blue 1987 LSC out to bask in the sunshine and Kat drove her white 91. We are trying to encourage more of the gals to bring out their Marks.. We know you’re out there ladies!


Chris’s 87

We have found that because of the greater numbers of cars that we are seeing, security is necessary. Brent volunteered to step in wearing his “Lincoln County” sheriff’s badge that he found at the Oak Glen cruise the day before. I don’t think anyone is gonna’ mess with him, badge or not!


All in all, a great group of folks and a lot of fun.




In attendance were:
Kat (Junkyardkat) ~White 91 LSC
Brent (1897 Brent) ~Lt Blue 87 LSC
Chris (LSChris) ~Dk Blue 87 LSC
Cameron Allan ~Light Wheat 90 LSC
John Franz ~Burgundy 89 LSC
Eduardo Camarena ~Red 91 LSC-SE
Rafael Zamora (rafas) ~Silver 89 LSC
Mark Kaletta (proud new father since last meet)
Bruce Nickens ~Silver 87 LSC
And myself, Art (artbaileyjr) ~Ebony 91 LSC-SE

For all the photos, see:

Thanks to everybody for making this our most successful meet so far. Great folks, great cars, great friends. Who could ask for more!



The next regularly scheduled meet will be held on October 21, 2007, commemorating the one year anniversary of the West Region regularly scheduled luncheons in Glendale, Ca. Same place, same time.

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