slow to warm up, leaking from water pump - 04 Dodge Stratus 2.7L


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Apr 14, 2011
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car is verrry slow to warm up, leaking from water pump weep passage. why so slow to warm up?

im fairly confident that I need to replace the water pump but im just trying to understand what exactly is going on.

for the record:
-thermostat is new
-the coolant outlet housing (the deal with the air bleeder and the temp sensor, different from thermostat housing) is new (it comes with a new coolant temp sensor and this is also the 2nd new housing in year - factory one sprung a leak, and the bleeder screw was f***ed up on the first new one)
-since installing the new housing, I have been able to properly fill the cooling system according to the manual (which is much more involved than other cars)
-I am 98% certain that the leak is coming from the water pump primary weep hole passage just under the thermostat housing on the front of the motor (kinda difficult to see the weep passage from under the car while it's running and coolant is dripping in your face. but im pretty super certain its not leaking from the two hoses on the thermostat housing right above the weep hole)

im really just not understanding why the car takes FOREVER to get up to temp (around halfway on the temp gauge). I also have no heat for much longer after starting the car than it use to take. its not just low coolant anymore cuz the system is properly filled.

in what way do water pumps fail? could it, or how could it affect warm up? can anyone enlighten me in some way?
The seal fails in the water pumps and eventualy kills the bearings. Slow to warm up is most likely due to air in the system because of the leaky water pump. Fix the problem and then diagnose why it might be slow to warm up.

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