Selling My LS... =(


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Aug 16, 2005
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Riverside, RI
Well after thinking long and hard about it i've decided to sell my LS for a Lexus GS 400... Yes yes i know i'm leaving the family but to be honest i was and still am a Toyota freak and i want a Lexus GS 400... Well if anyone is interested please shoot me a PM, i'll give a ya price... Well so long to you fellas on here you guys have been great alot of useful info on here, keep up the good work and keep those LS's clean... I'll be visiting from time to time, i'll also be posting my car in autotrader soon, if you know anyone that is interested in my area please let me know....

Man, I almost went with a GS400 instead of my LS

It came down to the LS or the GS, I went with the LS because it was so much cheaper. But the GS is a bad ass car. You know they have twin turbo kits for them right? >=]
Depending on who i sell the car too or if It's get's traded in i might be selling some stuff on it. if it goes to a private seller then the car will stay the way it is. i'll keep you guys posted -Josh
GL w/ it, we had an GS here for a couple of weeks to have work done and I really liked it. Not to mention the power if felt like it had.
You can never go wrong with a GS400 bro. Those will last forever and they are pretty damn quick! 0-60 in 5.7 seconds!! They have the same engine as the LS400
buddyleee5 said:
i'm in ri. I'm interested in the grille if you wanna sell it.

i'll let ya know, like i said if i end up trading it in all the stuff is comming off and if anyone is interested in the exhaust let me know cause i will do a swap for the stock and a small amount of money... I'll keep you guys posted...

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