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Jul 22, 2006
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San Fernando Valley
I own a 1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. The transmission selector (lever) is acting up. Car won't go into Park or Reverse. It does go into Drive so I am able to use drive it. It is at a transmission place now and they are having trouble finding the cable. Discontinued, they say. They at the shop said they will still search for that part. I will, too. Does anyone know of a wrecking yard which would have that part? If auto supply stores don't carry it, I am thinking the next choice is a wrecking yard.
I would try Green Sales Company they have a large variety of parts.

Also look into Lincoln Land Inc. in Tampa Fl. They specialize in nothing but Lincoln parts.

Good Luck! Let us know how things proceed.
Update: The transmission shop was able to locate the part/cable needed. Transmission selector works fine now. Thanks for the replies.

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