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Mar 17, 2004
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Villa Park, IL
I was driving to work to pick up my paycheck and noticed a bunch of T-birds sitting in a parking lot with there hoods open. On my way back I decided to stop by (I was in my Camaro). By that time most had left but there was a guy there with a MarkVIII. I asked what club this was and he told me TCOA and I mentioned that there were clubs out there for the lincoln. He said yeah, I know, and then recited the other two sites. He was in a hurry but I told him about this site and we were on our way. What got me is that I have never seen this guy at other Lincoln outings but yet he was willing to go to another club's outing. I wish I had a chance to sit down and ask why because I think it would help to know why he chose to stay away from the LOD'ers. I also think we need to come up with some flyers or business cards because I highly doubt this guy is going to remember what I told him. Even if he does, if he misspells the address I don't think he'll spend the time to search for the site.

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