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Aug 4, 2008
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St. Paul
My air ride has been giving me some problems with an intermittent sagging rear and check air ride warnings.
ive replaced the compressor with 2 different ones.... that didnt ive narrowed it down to bad ride height sensor or air ride control module. i wasnt having much luck locally finding parts for a reasonable price, so i PM'd Sapp and asked if he had one he wanted to sell me.....
a couple days later, he said he had one, and he would mail it to me and not to worry about price or shipping costs.
a few days later, a box arrived with 4, yes 4 ride height sensors in it, and no shipping charge to me.

Just wanted to say "Thanks to Sapperfire" for the parts and it was totally unexpected.
You are a Great asset to the LVC Community and are appreciated very much. Joe
good for you, my experience with him was completely opposite; he took nearly a month to send my parts after receiving my side of the trade, and he sent me a cracked strut mount; in his defense, most of the susp parts he sent me were as described
-maybe after the bad experience he and I had he decided to operate in a better way...good for you, good for him...over it

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