San Diego Area LS owners.....


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Apr 13, 2004
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Bonita Ca
Hey everyone,

Just looking to see who's in my area maybe to get together for a drive on the coast or something like that. Area would include Orange County to San Diego County. Just looking for some guys to drive with and tell lies and show off.....
You know the regular stuff.....Maybe if we get enough response we could even start a more local chapter but we would have to discuss it with everyone involved and even see if none LS owners would be intrested

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whatsupadrian said:
I live in whittier, within 10 miles of knotts berry farm. A meet would be cool somewhere between if enough people are interested.
awesome, some local LS folks!
we are in costa mesa/newport beach.
our show car is in san clemente, let's see if we can get the new owner to meet up and show you guys the work we have done on the blower, lowering,brakes, body kit, carbon fiber dash accents, etc

how about here....

How would the Irvin area be for everyone interested? I was thinking maybe coordinate something at the spectrum.....For ppl outside the area the Irvin Spectrum is an open air mall with alot of places to meet I think it would be an easy location to find and plenty of parking for all the cars... of course all members here are me or Email me @ If I get enough responses I will move forward with making more formal plans.
I'm in daygo... i would be up for a meet, maybe even start a san diego looks like nobody has posted in this thread in a while....

if anyone is out there, it's good idea, so lets get it crackin.
Hey RANDO, this was happening over a year ago. Go to the Discussion forum for LS and look for Los Angeles/San Fernando meet. We are trying to meet in Jan. of 08. Be more than welcome to have aboard.
Sorry to crash this thread, but can anyone point me in the right direction of a mechanic who would be good to work on my mother's 5-Speed Getrag LS and her 94 Taurus as well? Thanks!
Funny, it seems as if there are alot of LS owners in SD...
I wonder why this never came to fruition?
Hey there guys, we have a meet every 3rd Sunday of the month at Bob's big Boy in Glendale, CA at 1:00pm. If ever you are in the neighborhood stop by, we would love to have you join us. Most of us that show up have Mark VII but we invite everyone that has a Lincoln.
San Diego stand up

Two and a half years since this thread has seen any action.
Since nothing ever came of it with a so-cal wide meet, how about we start local and see what kind of turn out San Diego can muster.
I know it's short notice, but how about Race Legal at Qualcomm on June 18th?
We can meet somewhere to eat beforehand and drive into Qualcomm either to race or watch the action.
I'm in, anybody else?
Wow, I had no idea there were so many so-cal people on here. COOL! I would be in for a meet in SD if there is enough people. I am in the LA area so I would like the 2 hour drive to be worth it.
We did have meets few times. Drives too, including an Angeles crest run with 5 or 6 mad driver equipped LSs. Ha. Won't mind meeting up again up there or we can go to a drive in ventura canyons. Just a meet is pretty damn borring but with a good road and a drive plus some food. Everythang comes out damn good.
Hate to revive an old thread, but can this happen? Anyone interested in making this happen?

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