Replaced coil still have skipping NEED HELP !


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May 4, 2008
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Had a CEL that read cyl # 6 misfire.

Was told that Cyl # 6 was : 2nd from FT of car on pass side. Went in and that was a Coil I had already repleaced about 10 months ago. So I exchange the Coil for a new one again. Cleaned the old plug which I had also replaced 10 months ago with wire brush and sandpaper. After replacing the new coil and cleaning old plug, I still have the same skipping and hisitation problem. it did not go away. It did not CEL code again yet.

Whats the deal ?
1). Did I replace the wrong coil as # 6 ( 2nd one from front grill on passenger side on engine) ?

2). Or, even though the old plug looked ok it was bad and I should have replaced it ? And yes there was some oil in there. I would say about 1/4 to 1/2 of a soda bottle cap of oil. I know about the Gasket problem. It's on my list of things to do.

Please help ! Thanks
i believe number 6 is the second one from the front of the driver side... i think you replaced number 2
Are you sure ? Can someone here please confirm this, and give me the firing order on the V8 or tell me for sure where # 6 is please.
passenger side, starting at the front of the car, going towards the rear 1,2,3,4

Driver side, starting at the front, going towards the rear 5,6,7,8
I am no expert but I know what I had experienced myself and what I read on here.

I had this issue and replacing the two visibly damaged coils didn't cut it. It didn't throw any codes but I immediately took the car back in and after replacing all of them it was over.

You can read on here a lot of other members also recommend replacing all of them at once.
My two cents on the replace one or all question.
The misfire code does not always identify the correct misfiring coil(s). If you have a detailed code scanner, read out the misfire counts on all of the cylinders. Replace the coils on all the cylinders that have noticeable counts.
Also, as much trouble as it is, just go ahead and replace the spark plugs on those cylinders. Be sure to use dielectric grease on the boots, it will it make it harder for oil or water to get back in there and cause a problem.

That was the problem that was giving me the same issue. A hairline crack. It took me about $250 investing in an Autotap setup that diagnosed the low misfires, this particular coil was misfiring about every 2 seconds. I always wanted the Autotap scanner, so this was a good excuse to buy it LOL Ford wanted to charge me $109 for the scan one time.

You can refer to my thread at:
Thanks Guys, here was the problem. The dumb a _ _ at the Dealership I called to ask gave me wrong info. I acutally replaced the # 2 when it was the # 6 I needed. Went back into the car today and did the right # 6. Everything running smoothe now !
awesome... parts counter guys and service writers hardly ever know what they are talking about

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