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2005 Lincoln LS V8

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Aug 8, 2016
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Hi Folks, Happy New Year!
OK, I've been searching this forum and online and have not found a good aftermarket correct fitment Radiator:
The referenced article on the forum has all the other coolant replacement part numbers except the Radiator. (Unless I'm not seeing it)

Contacted my local Ford Dealer and the following OEM Radiator Part Numbers are discontinued, and they could not find any; In addition Tasca and other dealers no luck!
Manufacturer: Ford
Part Number: H2MZ-8005-AA
Replaces: 6W4Z*8005*AA

My Vehicle: 2005 Lincoln LS Sport - 3.9L V8 - with engine Oil Cooler - See Bottom Radiator Hose for reference.


Any recommendations re: After Market Brand and Part Numbers?

FYI (I have replaced all other Plastic / Rubber Cooling Parts and Hoses with all Ford OEM about 2 years ago however, did not replace the Radiator and its leaking now)

Appreciate the support!
For both of mine, I just went with what the local O'Reilly's had in stock.
Hey, Joe,
You always come through.. Thanks!

I try O'Reilly's

You know it's Weird..
I talked to a Car Quest Parts Guy and they have two Radiators with the exact same description and I think the descriptions are misleading re: the Oil Cooler.. they state 'No' as if the radiator comes with an actual Oil Cooler vs Connections for an Oil Cooler..
It would make the selection process a lot easier...
Thanks Rich,
I guess I could pull one and have it rebuilt..(only if there's a rebuilt kit still available)
Not so much. It's the plastic in the side tanks that degrades and cracks. That doesn't leave much to rebuild. In this car, a radiator is a wear part, so I wouldn't waste time with a used one.
been running FVP for two years now no issue never had a leak since. has good looking thick sturdy constuction. just the pipe outlets are like 1/8 of a inch smaller but thicker,, I used wider clamps with the regular hose n got it real tight.
Third one on rockauto $96USD + tax and shipping.

I used a TVC or something off rock auto, car runs a little warm, like 220ish, entire cooling system is new except heater cores and heater core hoses, motor blew so now I'm getting a new block put in, see if it still runs warm then.
Thanks Rich, Joegr, JustALs, SultanGrls,
I ended up ordering a P2256 Radiator from (First time ordering)
The person on the phone actually did some in depth research e.g. Vin#, Ford / Motorcraft Part number supersedes, cross reference etc. and all the correct Part Numbers came back to a P2256

Both O'Reilly's and CarQuest had two identical MHT Brand Part Numbers (431414 & CU2256) However, they could not tell me which one was correct.

Can't believe I spent this much time on a Radiator; Then again, everything with these LS's is Intense! Nothing is straight forward.. except maybe pumping gas at the Gas Station!

BTW, While sitting the last few weeks my Battery decides to go.. (Lasted 7 Years)
Ford still makes the Battery (For now anyway) Part # BTX-66-750 - Price: $149.00 + Tax + $16.00 Core Charge at Dealer.

However, ForPartsGiant has it for $130.00 Does not include Tax, Shipping and $16.00 Core Charge.

You'll make out better at the dealer.
All over Ebay??
Here is one for less than $100? Shows the transmission cooling ports too?
It's hard to believe the 10 year warranty but hey they at least have a warranty.
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