Rear Wheel Bearings


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Feb 1, 2011
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New Jersey
Does Ford sell rear bearings or these come with the knuckle? Going on my THIRD set of Timken bearings in 2yrs. Warranty is up and debating if its better to get a used knuckle off ebay at this point.
@nghtshd88 im not 100%sure about Ford or what year your LS is but Rockauto sells them for my 06 LS. But besides it being bad bearings it could be something is wore down or bent and causing stress on your bearings. Also it could be something throwing it out of alignment causing stress on them as well. I know this doesnt answer your question but id definitely get it checked out to see if somethings causing premature bearing failure.
The bearings are part of the knuckle... and the knuckles aren't cheap.

Bearings are pressed in the knuckle. PITA to do. You will need a press... and maybe a torch to heat the knuckle.

You will need a bunch of shims to keep the knuckle square to the press... so you don't crack anything.

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