Rear randomly leaks down overnight... 00 conti


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Mar 17, 2023
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Hi, randomly my 00 conti leaks down over night a few days its fine and then it will have leaked the air out. very random
I'd assume its the air bags, or should their be any concern over the solenoid that attaches to the inlet of the air bags?

Please give me some tips on troubleshooting

Most likely I will replace the bags, are any brands better than others?

If I decide on springs at some point what brands are the better ones?

Thank you
When my '02 conti started to leak, I replaced the air springs with Strutmasters coil springs.
The ride quality remained the same. If you leave all the other air ride components in place and connected, Strutmasters furnishes a wiring diagram on how to modify the wiring under the rear seat to eliminate the "Check ride control" message on the dash display.
There are many suppliers for replacement air bags and replacement coil springs, and many opinions on one vs others.
Thanks for the spring recommendation
Was your leak on both sides? Thats what I don't understand, why both sides are leaking down and not just one . .

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