Rear Air Spring Conversion . . bypass questions


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Mar 17, 2023
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Spring conversion in hand, and I have instructions to bypass the air suspension when the air bags are replaced with coils (rear)
Will the steering change? Will I still be able to select the different steering modes (Light, normal, heavy)?

2000 Continental
If you put in rear coil springs and don't touch or change any wiring, the steering modes will remain operative.

If you modify the wiring to eliminate the "check ride control" dash message, you will only have the normal steering mode.
Don't mix and match bags on the front and springs on the rear It will affect how the vehicle handles (negatively) by using springs on the rear.

Where are you going to mount the shock absorbers on the rear... since it was designed for bags???

The bags act as a shock... and a spring... IIRC.

Some Grand Marquis had springs on the front, and bags on the rear... strictly for "load leveling"... and used shocks also.

That setup worked pretty good... but I would not do bags on front and springs on rear.

The sway bars are matched to the original factory setup... and using a coil spring and shocks on the rear will adversely affect handling... if you even have shock mounts on the rear.
I believe the 2000 Conti suspension is the same as the 2002 Conti that I have.
There are air springs in the rear only.
I replaced the leaking air bags on the rear of my 2002 with steel coil replacement springs.
The replacement had no noticeable affect on the car's ride.

"I would not do bags on front and springs on rear" --

There are no air bags on the front of these cars.
Maybe you are talking about a different model Lincoln ?

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