Rattling Noise From Driver Front


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Sep 24, 2011
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I've been noticing a rattling noise the past few days coming from my driver front when I get to certain speeds and it goes away when the brakes are applied.

Does this sound like a caliper issue?

I received a coupon from a Ford Dealership here in AZ that says they'll do brake service using Motorcraft parts for $189 per axle, which includes labor. I wish I could work on the car myself, but I don't have the the tools.

Does this seem like an OK deal? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Check the plactic moldings around the windshield, they get loose and start makeing wierd noises at 60mph and up. If they are loose, the glue em back on.

The brakes are very easy to do, I do them myself and save a bunch.
We all started out in your shoes, no tools & no basic knowledge of how to do some simple things, like brake pads. Get a friend who has done disc brakes before. Get a hammer & a 3/8 in drive socket set and basic open/box wrench set (metric). The job is easy & the satisfaction/savings will be self rewarding. The tools will pay for themselves in a short time as you use them. Brake pads are only about $25 for the front. A small bottle of brake fluid is cheap. Budget & plan. You will need a jack stand to be safe.
Good luck!
JUST went through this yesterday. Turns out a rivet on the heat shield failed. A drill bit, an 8mm bolt/nut/lockwasher and 10 extra minutes...problem solved (along with the brake job lol)
Thanks everyone for the responses. I had the dealer do the front brakes and all is back to smooth sailing again. According to my service rep, the rotors were "very warped" and could be cut, so I didn't have to replace them.
Yeah you can probably pay for the tools in one use at $190 an axel for breaks. It's truely easy to do. My father taught me when I was 12 and made me do it from then on as one of my spring cleaning chores lol.

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