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Dec 29, 2020
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Canal Winchester, OH
New here. I have had my 2004 Lincoln LS for 7 years now. Been on the forum topic watching on and off.

Anyway, trying to get my Lincoln back to running and currently decided to replace my radio. I have the harness done but when I remove the 6 disc changer I see a 16 pin male connector which I think I found belongs to the disc changer and a then I see a 6 pin connector which I can't identify. Was wondering if someone knew what it was. The other two male connectors (24 and 7(8)) I identified as factory speakers(4), sub/amp.

I plan to participate more as like I said before...its time to get her back up. I've seen waaayyyy too many Mustangs, vettes, JDMs, and Germain cars that I can handle
Are you saying you have the external CD changer (in the glove box)? That should only be possible on a 2000 to 2002 LS. All 2003 to 2006 that had CD changers, had them built into the head unit in the dash.
Gen II non-THX navigation connectors are:

C290a - 16 pin - audio data bus, not used. This connector also has the audio input from the cell phone adapter.

C290b - 24 pin - Power, ground, phone mute in, steering wheel controls, speakers

C290c - 6 pin - vehicle data bus, needed for speed controlled volume and retained accessory power.

C290d - 8 pin - Sub woofer power switch, sub woofer audio out, center channel power switch, center channel audio out

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