Quick help with rear pads please!


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Oct 20, 2006
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Trying to change my rear pads right now. I have the caliper off, but I cannot get the brake piston to slide back into the caliper so I can install the new pads.
Every vehicle I've changed before will slide back in with a little prying against the disc, but I'm not having any luck with this one. I've even tried a large C clamp and I've tried loosening the bleed screw while prying. No luck.

Is there some trick to getting the piston to compress?

I need to get these pads on tonight if possible.

It's very difficult to do. You need to get a special brake tool, or be VERY careful with chanel locks and turn it counter-clockwise (I think) while compressing the piston at the same times. It's a PITA! Good luck!
Thanks Osain, I found it on the forum here after I posted. I saw the tool in my service manual, but I didn't pay close enough attention.
I managed to put my old pads back on using the "c clamp vice grip" technique. I can't imagine full compressing like that!
I'll see of our auto tech class has the tool, or maybe I can borrow it from advance auto parts.

I wonder what the advantage for the consumer with a system like this is? (I can see the advantage for Ford)

it's the integrated parking brake - it's a wind out mechanism that keeps the pads near the rotor for the parking brake system.
I changed mine out last week. I rented the master brake set or some such kit from advance. It is a snap with the tool. I was cursing while trying alternative methods.
Yup. I think everybody tries it once. Then we all get smart and buy the tool (or at least borrow it from an auto parts store).
Rear pads rotors

If u do the back pads rotors do not set the brake. MAKE SURE IT IS STABLE AND NOT GOING TO FALL ON U WORKING ON IT. I did this myself on the rear rotors and pads. 1st remove wheel I did 1 side at a time not both at once meaning I had to lift it up on the left side do the left side pad/rotor then do the other side. Then u in order to remove replace rotors and or pads u need a very long c clamp. The front pads and rotors the c clamp does not need to be long due to the length of the front calipers being smaller then the rear. You remove 2 screws on the caliper remove the caliper and pads. Take the long c clamp loosen it till you fit it with the screw on the piston of the caliper and the flat part on the back of the piston. So this way it screws the piston down. Note that it is very hard to screw it in but with alot of hard screwing they eventually go down. But be careful because if the c clamp is not straight and is sideways " at a angle" while screwing it in and it doesnt go down. Make sure it is not tilting if it is unscrew it and center the screw so that it pushes it straight down. Once it starts moving screw it down till the piston seems as far as it will go. Remove the c clamp and if nessecary change the rotors by removing the 2 or 3 screws around the lug studs they are inside the front of the rotor down inside 2 or 3 of the 5 gaps on the botom of the lug nut studs. once the circular screws are removed hit the rotor with a hammer after removing the caliper holding bracket screws behind the rotor. once the bracket is off u will only see the rotor. Heat kinda gets them stuck together so hit it with a hammer around the front of the rotor. After a few hard whacks it should be removable by breaking free. Replace rotor install lug stud screws making the rotor semi tight. Install caliper bracket. Remove metal plates if nessicary and replace. Apply small lube to metal plates under pads on caliper bracket. Put brakes together on rotor and make sure theyre together enough to put the caliper back on. Slide caliper over pads. Install screws and replace tire. After u have finished pump the brakes and make sure they work. I did this no experience and have had no problems. If nessicary have brakes blead. I tried to bleed the brakes myself but it wasnt nessicary to do when I did them the last time. I hope this answers your q this was done on my 00 lincoln ls
Thanks HRL, I managed to get my friend who runs our auto tech shop to let me bring it in after school. We put it on the lift, and he had the brake tool, so it was a 30 minute job. The only difficulty I ran into was the pads themselves. I bought ceramic pads from NAPA, and they looked well made, but they were a hair too long to fit in the clips. I took about a 1/16" off the length on a grinder and they slipped in tightly.

May actually be a nice, rattle-free fit. So far they are great. No squeaks, no dust.
I have had the NAPA full ceramics on 4 of my cars. I have always loved them. They are on my lincoln now, but I am waiting for the rotors to complete the job.
scjmc, did you buy the cheaper or more expensive pads? They had ceramic rear pads for around $48, or the more expensive "Ceramax" pads for around $65.
I plan on gettin the more expensive ones for the front. I've read a lot of good things about the Ceramax pads online.
Guys...if you don't want to screw (no pun intended) around with screwing the pistons back into the calipers, look into buying loaded calipers. Especially if you have a lot of miles on your car. You get an entire rebuilt caliper with pads. You simply bolt them on, bleed them, and go.

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