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Feb 11, 2015
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Metro Detroit
Hey guys,

So this is my first or second post on here, I've been a member for a while and just haven't posted. My 04 V8 blew up around this time last year and I got busy with work and school so the car has unfortunately been sitting on the corner of my property under a cover until recently. I have the blown engine basically ready to pull but I saw in the shop manual that they drop the engine and trans through the bottom. But at current time I am unable to drop it down as I do not yet have a hoist. So would it be easier to pull just the engine through the top or pull both the engine and trans then mate the new engine out of the car then reinstall the new engine with my transmission?

the engine can come out the top, it has been done, it aint as easy as dropping it out the bottom... also I dont think you will get the engine AND trans out of the top together.
Out the top

Thank you sir!

I was able to get my engine with tranny attached out the top. It was not easy but I had no way to raise the car enough to remove it from the bottom. When I reinstall, I think I'll do it the same way.

I had a lot of trouble separating the trans from the engine. I had to hit them with a BFRH.

Caveat - mine is a V6 with a Getrag transmission.
Hmm. It looks like if I take off the heads, I'll have pretty easy access to the trans bolts

Correct, but it isn't bad to do with the trans cross member unbolted either. A little tough on jackstands. Not sure about installation that way though.

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