Pulling the C6 out of a Mark 3


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Jul 13, 2012
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Willow Springs, NC
Hey guys. Backyard mechanic here, and I need to pull the trans out of a 1969 Lincoln Mark 3. I have all the mechanical know how, and a friend to help, but how in the hell do I get this 5000 pound monster safely high enough off the ground to drop the tranny? I have a 3 and 1/4 floor jack thats enough to lift it safely, and a motorcycle jack for the transmission. Are jack stands a safe bet? I'm afraid they might tip. All I'm sayin, is I don't wanna die under this thing :shifty:. Any tips for a guy who needs to do this in a driveway?
Once ya get it on stands put a cinder block under each tire , that way it can't fall on ya.
Just a thought.
Wood doesn't break. 4x12 beam cutoffs, flat, but put them on end and they will roll. Shove the beam cutoff under whatever your jacking, slip a 2x8 chunk on that, and a 2x6 on top of that. 2x4 on the top. Always go smaller on the way up, dont want a stack to roll

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