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May 9, 2004
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well looks like im a premium member what do you guys think i like the label but I what more like badges you earn with so many post and stuff, like a rank
I like for sites to have different ranks per number of post. But it doesn't seem to take much to be a "premium member". What is it? 10 post?
Yeah what does the premium thing mean? I personally think i would be more of a midgrade member mabie around 88,89,90. Does the premium member thing get me lapdancebucks at the landing strip?? If so them put me down as torco or turbo blue member.

Big Joe
the premium member badge is a preliminary step to some things we're working on. IM not sure the wording 'premium member' is the best though. THats why I put them up. Just to see how they look and what everyone else thinks of them.

Yes, currently it means little - but that will change in time.
So the more post you make you get that bling bling by your name LOL.

Oh well it cool. I guess I have a few more post to go.

Did I get my Bling Bling yet. :give
Ooo I got my bling bling LOL :Beer

I'm somebody :D

Not slamming, just bored right now and having fun learning more about my Mark :L

Never felt I'd feel this way about a car.
Sifrino3 said:
Looks good, is there different colors?
These are not 'final' but right now there are these:

I am contemplating some wording changes and one additional badge.......

For those wondering, "Charter Member" will be a rank given to those who go above and beyond in promoting this site by assisting with its development or referring alot of member, or any one of a dozen reasons.

I want to thank K2K for making these. He does great work doesnt he?




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they look good to me just the right size, I was surprised to see them. :give :Beer :p :L
Just as long as we don't start judging everyone by their bling bling LOL.

You know that Star Belly Sneaches and the Plain Belly Sneaches. :rolleyes:

But they do look nice. Makes me feel :cool:
just tossed them up to see how they looked......... I still want to do some slightly different things -

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