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May 18, 2014
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So who is the preferred manufacturer for strut rod bushings these days? I see a lot of threads saying only use ford bushings here but unfortunately one of the bushings (140B) where the strut rod connects to the lower control arm is no longer available. So I plan to use ford bushings where the strut rod connects to the frame but what should I use where it connects to the lower control arm? I ordered a raybestos professional kit for this bushing and all the pictures showed it be black rubber but when it arrived it is the blue color style bushing.

well that blows.
i double checked and you are correct.
they are discontinued.

fortunately, the control arm side of the strut rod doesn't seem to have the failures the k member side does.
i'd say you are fine with the raybestos kit.
I think the Thunderbird uses the same bushings. There are a lot of upgrade aftermarket parts available. Head over to SCCOA and check out the vender list.
yeah the aftermarket here blows.
get the Ford k member side bushings, this is non negotiable.
and get the moog or raybestos arm side bushings. they are pretty much the same in this regard.
they are not great, but thats the best you can do now it seems.
I've had the Moog arm side bushings on for ~1.5 years now.
No cracks in them and they 'feel' OK.
Ordered the 8 bushings from EBay sellers Gaudinautoparts and Tasca. They were unopened Motorcraft, and dated about 10 years ago.
last time i bought all my stuff directly from Tasca.
that was about, 6 months ago i guess.

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