Possible dccv?


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Jun 3, 2019
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windom minnesota
When my car is in park and idle it'll kick heat, but when I take it out on the high way the temp gage goes completely cold and starts to blow cold air. If I drive it that way for awhile it'll eventually over heat. First off sorry, I have a Lincoln ls 2004 v8 premium sport I believe. I've check the fluid. I've bled the system a million times, taping on the metal part of the dccv housing will engage a fan when it's up to temp. This summer I took it off and cleaned it cuz I didn't have ac. That worked! I also was messing with my after market system recently and had blown a fuse. Wondering if I maybe screwed up another one or a relay possibly too?
Has 175,000 miles on it

Is the dccv the same for the v6s? And the different Gens? I had ordered one last summer and it came with five ports on it. Mine on my car has only 3??
It's different for a V6 (no aux pump) than a V8.
And if the thermostat has failed... you most likely will be replacing the plastic housing that the thermostat goes into... and the corresponding O-rings.
Yes sir I did get the drive shaft replaced and oh lord what a huge difference it made!! I forgot to mention on this post, had a blonde moment (see profile Pic) I had hit a huge critter and it took out bottom left side of my radiator. So I had replaced it. Drove it fine for about two weeks, then these issues started... Is there a certain process to purging the cooling system? I've tried everything. Having overflow lots open and vent tube open till it gets warm then close over fill then Rev it up to 2300 rpms for about 3mins.then close vent tube let it sit for a few. Then repeat. I'll have warm air until I get out on the road...
You must follow this to the letter.
The front of the car needs to be lower than the back of the car while you are doing it.

2006 Lincoln LS Workshop Manual

Note that it won't work if any of the plastic parts have micro-cracks. If any are older than seven years, then they have the cracks for certain. Younger than that may as well. Any black plastic parts that are brown inside are done. You have to remove the degas bottle to see if it has cracks. You can't tell with it in the car.

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