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    Aug 5, 2018
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    so its time to put the valve covers on I had oil in the tubes in some and water from the park ....duh :/ anyway I did an inspection of the timing set what a pita every appliance and bracket removed to take a look at the tensioners and guides I also wanted to replace the oil cooler gasket and DCCv putting it all back together and time for the valve covers ive got a new set of felpros and clean as a whistle surfaces but im not confident because I did the job the last time and there was a time before that looking at the secondaries so im not happy with results as of yet for oil contamination in the tubes

    I bought a can of permetex high tack spray not the purple high tack this one is red and saw a professional do a similar job with tube wells and silicon gaskets on a twin cam and wondering if anyone has gone this rout to spray the film on the rubber gaskets and grooves and assemble with any results???

    Permatex® High Tack™ Spray-A-Gasket™ Sealant
    Fast-Drying All-Purpose Sealant Dries To A Highly Tacky, Non-Brittle Film. A Reliable General Adhesive. Remains Effective Under Temperatures Of -65 F To 500 F (-54 C To 260 C). Resists Gasoline, Oil, Antifreeze, Axle Lube, Kerosene, Propane And Butane. Level 3*

    Shake well. Spray a thin, even coat on flange surfaces, both sides of gasket and bolt threads. Allow to set for a few minutes before assembly

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